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Logo Design


Logo design is very important to your business.  It helps to brand you and set you apart from others selling the same or similar things.

It is important to use professional logo designers.  Sure, you can try and cut corners and use fiverr or some other service like this, but, in logo design, unless you are very lucky, you get what you pay for.

We have several packages, all with a full, no nonsense money back guarantee.  Our designers will make as many changes as you want until the logo is accepted by you.  We will do this for a full 90 days, no questions asked.  If we don’t deliver, your bitcoins are returned, and that is that.  Once you have accepted your logo, of course, the guarantee is no longer in force.  That’s the only condition.

You will initially be given 5 designs by 5 different designers.  If you don’t like them we will give you another batch.  If you like one but need some changes made, there’s no problem.  We will redo it until you do like it.

That said, here are our packages below:

Logo Design

You will be assigned to one of our project managers who will oversee your logo production.  5 graphics designers will each submit a proposal to you.  The designs start out as a hand drawn design, so there is no clipart used, thus guaranteeing that your logo will be unique and distinctive.

You will receive your initial designs within 3 business days, and will be given the chance to talk to the designer to make sure any revisions are handled right there.  The process usually takes about a week from start to finish, sometimes longer.  But you will just love your final logo or you get your money back, that’s it.

Design Package

  • Unlimited revisions
  • Minimum of 5 designers
  • Minimum of 5 initial concepts
  • Full design ownership
  • 3 day turnaround
  • Multiple file formats supplied

Service Guarantees

  • 100% Money Back Gurantee
  • Lifetime support
  • 100% unique concepts (no clip-art or stock images)
  • Dedicated project manager

All this for one low price of $199.95  Click here to order


Logo + Stationary Design

This works like the logo service above, except that once your logo is complete we will design custom  letterhead, envelope, and business cards for you with up to 5 sets of contact details on the business card. Like our logo work, everything is done from scratch.  No clipart is used so you get a unique design to present your business.

Design Package

  • All logo design features provided with the $149 logo design package above, plus…
  • Business card design ready for print (up to 5 sets of contact details)
  • Letterhead design ready for print.(MS Word option available when order is proceed which is done manually)
  • #10 envelope design ready for print

Service Guarantees

  • Custom design (no templates)
  • Minimum 3 initial stationery layouts
  • High resolution files for home/office and professional print
  • Low cost print service available, ask for details if interested
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

All this for only $249.95!  Click here to order

NOTE: All orders are processed through our sister site, SuccessQuest bitcoin store.  Once your order is paid for, we will email you a confirmation and a form to fill out to make sure you get the logo you want.