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If you are a potential employer, please submit a ticket explaining what you need done, whether it’s a one time project or if you need full time contractors, rate of pay, and any other details you feel are important.

Also please provide your email address, phone number, or skype contact information so that if they have any questions, one of our recruiters can contact you.

We are located in lovely Costa Rica and have extensive contacts here. Chances our, one of our recruiters will personally know who can help you, but, if not, they are in a great position to find you what you need.

We also have potential contractors contacting us from all over the world, so we have many options on a worldwide basis for you to choose from.

We know that finding the right help and getting your project done is a priority, so we will locate potential candidates for you as soon as possible.

So fill out the contact form on our Cantact Us page and find the right fit today!